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Business News

Office Space Available for Rent in Wetumpka

Building is located behind River Bank & Trust in the Magnolia Commons Business Park &

is next to Wetumpka Pharmacy and occupies one half of the duplex.

Call Regina B. Edwards, PC for more information (334) 514-1011


LABOR LAW Workplace Posters Free from U.S. Department of Labor

As an employer, federal and state laws require you to clearly display official labor and employment posters detailing federal and applicable state labor laws. Both federal agencies such as, the U.S. Department of Labor, and state agencies provide posters at no cost to employers.

Federal Posters

Basic Information

Specific Poster Requirements

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Poster
    Every employer covered by non-discrimination and EEO laws is required to post on its premises the poster, "Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law."

  • Fair Labor Standards Act Poster
    Every employer of employees subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act's minimum wage provisions must post, and keep posted, a notice explaining the Act in a conspicuous place in all of their establishments so as to permit employees to readily read it.

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Poster
    All covered employers are required to display and keep displayed a poster prepared by the Department of Labor summarizing the major provisions of The Family and Medical Leave Act and telling employees how to file a complaint.

  • Notice to Workers Paid Special Minimum Wages
    Every employer of workers with disabilities under special minimum wage certificates authorized by the Fair Labor Standards Act, the McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act, and/or the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act shall display a poster prescribed by the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division explaining the conditions under which special minimum wages may be paid.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act Poster
    Employers subject to the Occupational Safety and Health Act are required to post a notice notifying employees of the protections of the Act.

  • Office of Labor-Management Standards Union Member Rights Poster
    The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act guarantees certain rights to union members, and imposes certain responsibilities on union officers to ensure union democracy, financial integrity and transparency. This poster, provided by the Department of Labor's Office of Labor-Management Standards, provides a summary of these rights and responsibilities.

  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) Poster
    Employers are required to provide to persons entitled to the rights and benefits under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), a notice of the rights, benefits and obligations of such persons and such employers under USERRA.

For Federal Contractors

  • Davis-Bacon Poster
    Every employer performing work covered by the labor standards of the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts shall post a notice (including any applicable wage determination) at the site of the work in a prominent and accessible place where it may be easily seen by employees.

  • Notice of Employee Rights Concerning Payment Of Union Dues (Beck Poster)
    Executive Order 13201 requires Government contracts and subcontracts to include a clause requiring non-exempt Federal contractors and subcontractors to post notices informing their employees that they have certain rights related to union membership and use of union dues and fees under Federal law.

  • Service Contract Act/Walsh-Healey Poster
    Every employer performing work covered by the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act (PCA) or the McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act (SCA) is required to post a notice of compensation required (including, for service contracts, any applicable wage determination) in a prominent and accessible location at the work site where it may be seen by all employees performing on the contract.


Edward Jones News Release


Contact: Eric Hyde

December 3, 2014

(334) 567-6723


Edward Jones Ranks No. 1 in National Survey of Financial Advisors
Firm takes top spot for 20th time

For the 20th time, the financial services firm Edward Jones ranked No. 1 in WealthManagement.com's (formerly Registered Rep) annual survey of the nation's six largest financial services firms, according to Eric Hyde, a Financial Advisor in the Wetumpka Area, The magazine randomly selects financial advisors nationwide and asks them to rank their firms in various categories.

Edward Jones' overall score was 9.5 out of 10 possible points. The firm scored top marks (9.5) for its online client account information and 8.8 for the quality of its mobile applications, according to WealthManagement.com.

"This ranking reflects several things that set us apart in the industry: our solutions-based approach, our integrated tools for serving clients, our support for each branch office, the training and development we offer, and compensation that reflects our values. " said Hyde. "We are guided by a clear mission to serve the serious, long-term individual investor and to provide the best career-long opportunity for financial advisors who take pride in their work and appreciate the importance of the work we do."

According to WealthManagement.com, between Sept. 24 and Oct. 31, REP. magazine emailed invitations to participate in an online survey to print and web subscribers and advisors in the Meridian-IQ database. By Oct. 31, a total of 2,965 responses were received. Financial advisors rated their current employers on almost 50 items related to their satisfaction. Ratings are based on a 1-to-10 scale, with 10 representing the highest satisfaction level.

Edward Jones, a Fortune 500 company, provides financial services for individual investors in the United States and, through its affiliate, in Canada. Every aspect of the firm's business, from the types of investment options offered to the location of branch offices, is designed to cater to individual investors in the communities in which they live and work. The firm's 13,000-plus financial advisors work directly with nearly 7 million clients to understand their personal goals -- from college savings to retirement -- and create long-term investment solutions that emphasize a well-balanced portfolio, diversified portfolio. Edward Jones embraces the importance of building long-term, face-to-face relationships with clients, helping them to understand and make sense of the investment options available today.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Edward Jones ranked No. 4 overall in FORTUNE magazine's 2014 100 Best Companies to Work For ranking. Visit our website at www.edwardjones.com and our recruiting website at www.careers.edwardjones.com. Follow us on Twitter @EdwardJones. Member SIPC. FORTUNE and Time Inc. are not affiliated with and do not endorse Edward Jones products or services.


Laura Furey
Branch Office Administrator
Edward Jones
103 East Bridge Street
Wetumpka, AL 36092
(334) 567-6723

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If you do not wish to receive any email messages from us, excluding administrative communications, please email this request to messages@edwardjones.com along with the email address you wish to unsubscribe.

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The Montgomery Advertiser 7/21/14 ·

 The Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce has embarked on a

plan to improve and expand its facilities built in the 1800s, a renovation

that will revitalize an entire city block in downtown. Lynch said the

incubator will be ideal for information technology companies looking

to establish themselves in Elmore County. After Lynch made the

request to the County Commission, Chairman David Bowen said

the commission would consider the request, likely through its

budget process.

Construction coming to downtown Wetumpka Matt Okarmus, Montgomery Advertiser5:06 p.m. CDT June 15, 2014IMG_2350.JPG

(Photo: Matt Okarmus/Advertiser )

WETUMPKA – After years of talking about the changes

coming to downtown Wetumpka, signs of action have

begun to appear.

Markings — various combinations of green lines, blue arrows,

and pink and yellow numbers and letters — can be seen on

East Bridge, Court and Company streets downtown.

David Robison, planning and project director for Wetumpka,

said the markings are the beginning steps for the Downtown

and Riverfront Revitalization Plan, which the Wetumpka City

Council adopted in March.

“The first step was locating utilities and conducting topography

surveys,” Robison said. “When that’s finished, we will have an

elevation plan of what downtown actually looks like.”

From there, the engineering firm Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood Inc.

will use the surveys to make designs.

“They’ll turn those designs into 3D pictures that contractors can

build,” Robison said.

Revitalization plans for downtown officially began to take shape

in 2012, and the Nashville, Tennessee-based consulting group

the Walker Collaborative was brought in last spring to provide

the city with a blueprint for future development. The Downtown

and Riverfront Revitalization Plan includes many suggestions,

such as placing a landscaped median on Main Street, developing

a roundabout at Company and Orline streets, placing “gateway”

signage at the entrances to the city and the possibility of a parking


Initial work includes water, sewer and storm sewer improvements.

Construction is expected to begin in the fall with a “best-case scenario”

of completion in spring 2015, Robinson said.

Once that’s finished, the surface work — the sidewalk and streetscape

rehabilitation outlined in the revitalization plan — will take place. It is

estimated to begin in late spring or early summer 2015.

The work will be done in stages and affect Company, East Bridge,

Court and South Main streets. Robison said planners are aware of

the impact the work will have on property owners and patrons of


“We are going to do everything we can to work with them, to make

sure they are aware of the schedule when we have it and to minimize

the impact on them as best we can,” he said.

Robison said the area “will look worse before it looks a lot better”

because the work is being done in stages.

Once surveying is finished, updated design plans will be developed

and shared with the public. Robison said planners hope to hold a

public hearing this summer.


David Robison, planning and project director for Wetumpka, said

funding for the downtown construction was provided with the

assistance of recently approved grants. Including:

• A Community Development Block Grant from Gov. Robert Bentley

and the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.

The city of Wetumpka was awarded $450,000 that will go toward

the subsurface work, with the city and the Wetumpka Water Works

and Sewer Board providing a $200,000 match.

• A Transportation Alternatives Program grant that will provide

$377,000 for streetscaping and sidewalk improvements for portions

of East Bridge, South Main and Court streets. There is a $94,000 match

from the city.

• About $786,000 has been provided through the Montgomery

Metropolitan Planning Organization, with a $196,000 match from

the city. This will be used to fund sidewalk and streetscape

improvements for Company Street as well as resurfacing work

throughout downtown.

For a detailed look at the Downtown and Riverfront Revitalization

Plan, visit cityofwetumpka.com and click on the link for “downtown


Millbrook and Wetumpka a step closer to Sunday alcohol sales
Posted: Apr 02, 2014 5:41 PM CDTUpdated: May 02, 2014 5:41 PM CDT
By Hannah Lane - bio | email  


A heated debate took place in the State House today as

lawmakers shouted at each other, over alcohol. The debate

is over the local sale of alcohol on Sundays.

Leaders in Wetumpka and Millbrook want their restaurants

to be able to serve alcohol on Sundays, just like their neighbors,

Prattville and Montgomery.

Wednesday a public hearing was held in the local legislation

committee. Those involved obviously are very passionate about

where they stand.

While at the podium arguing in support of the bill, John Teague,

a lobbyist for Poarch Band of Creek Indians said, "this racially

discriminatory language singles us out, to tell us that we are

to be treated different."

Senator Bryan Taylor, who has been openly opposing the bill

argued back.

"This isn't about gambling, this is about a business that wants

to expand its privilege to profit from the sale of alcohol in my

county," Taylor said. "While telling the citizens and constituents

that I represent, if you are injured because of our irresponsible

sale and serving of alcohol, too bad there's nothing you can

do about it, we are exempt from the jurisdiction of this state."

No matter if for or against the bill, which would allow on premise

Sunday alcohol sales in Wetumpka and Millbrook, the emotions

were high on all sides.

"I will take you to court any day," said Representative Paul Beckman

to Taylor, while arguing after the hearing.

Beckman introduced the bill. Amended from its original form, the

bill now includes gambling facilities.

"Indians are on sovereign land and that's exactly what they are,

they are sovereign," Beckman stated. "The federal courts have

said state has no jurisdiction on them."

Taylor fired back to Beckman's statement.

"None of my other restaurants and bars in Wetumpka or Millbrook

are authorized to run gambling operations, if they do they could

lose their ABC license," argued Taylor.

Beyond the fight over casinos, Senator Bryan Taylor, who also

introduced a similar bill which later failed in the senate, says

Sunday alcohol sales should have a referendum and be voted

on by residents.

Mike Ingram, a resident of Millbrook and Senior Pastor at Millbrook

Baptist Church believes that Sunday alcohol sales would

negatively impact the community.

"We are looking at it from a moral issue and just an effect on

the community, and how an increase in alcohol sales will

negatively impact our community," Ingram said. "Sunday, itself,

is a special day for us as Christians and as believes and we just

think it would be better not to sell alcohol."

Even though there's a major divide, all sides agree on one thing.

It could have an economic boost to the two cities and place

them on an equal playing field with their neighbors.

"We also want to make sure we are treating all of our businesses

and restaurants equally," stated Taylor.

While talking about the casino, Taylor stated "We want to make

sure we aren't giving any competitive edge over one or the other."

"We are trying to keep as far as the economic development equal

between all cities where they have the same opportunity and

same privilege," said Beckman.

The bill did get approved by the committee. It will now be added

to the regular Senate calendar. However, Thursday is the last day

of the session. If it doesn't get to the floor for a vote, it will be next

year before the cities could see a change, if at all.

The bill also includes the sale of draft beer. Something else to note,

Prattville passed Sunday alcohol sales more than ten years ago.

It did not have a referendum.​

Copyright 2014 WSFA 12 News. All rights reserved.

for WetumpkaThe Montgomery Advertiser

Summary Wetumpka residents will not have the opportunity to

vote on draft beer or Sunday alcohol sales after a state senator

added amendments targeted at local casinos, as well as any

strip clubs or night clubs, to bills in the state legislative session.

If the local officials had come to me, they would have understood

my concern. Willis said while they are disappointed with the

outcome of the legislative session, the city still will attempt to

seek out the right for residents to vote on the issues in the future.

Get Veooz 360 for Wetumpka, Sunday Sales
Wetumpka and Millbrook fight for Sunday alcohol salesPosted: Feb 13, 2014 11:28 PM CSTUpdated: Feb 23, 2014 11:32 PM CSTBy Hannah Lane - bio | email  

Restaurants and leaders in both Wetumpka and Millbrook are

fighting for Sunday alcohol sales, but they may have hit a

bump in the road.

Not having Sunday alcohol sales in Millbrook is posing a

problem for many restaurants. In fact, at Habaneros

employees say they loose business every Sunday to

restaurants in Prattville.

"As soon as we tell them we don't sell alcohol they walk

away, they go across the interstate," said Carlos Badillo,

Manager for Habaneros restaurant in Millbrook.

It's a similar situation in Wetumpka where Mayor Jerry

Willis says it has forced businesses out of town.

Possible changes are in the works for both cities.

Bills have been advertised in local papers in Wetumpka

and Millbrook to allow Sunday alcohol sales.

The problem: State Rep. Paul Beckman and State Sen.

Bryan Taylor are both proposing different bills on the

same issue.

Taylor's requires a referendum for residents to vote on

the matter. It's an issue Millbrook Mayor Al Kelly and

Mayor Willis both feel could keep the Sunday sales

from coming to fruition.

Taylor argues it's the only way the bill will actually

pass the senate.

"The elected officials owe it to their constituents to

give them some input. Sunday sales just happens to

be one of those issues where a lot of people feel very

strongly their voice should be heard in a formal

referendum," Taylor said.

Millbrook and Wetumpka taxpayers are paying to

advertise both bills, including Taylor's, which city

leaders claim they knew nothing about.

Taylor says city leaders were aware and his actions

are legal.

The cities are also wanting to allow draft beer sales.

Beckman's bill includes both while Taylor's separates

the two.

Copyright 2014 WSFA 12 News. All rights reserved.

New casino in Wetumpka coming together piece by piece
Submitted by WSFA 12 News Staff
September 26th, 2013, 7:12pm

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA)- The main floor of the new

casino in Wetumpka is starting to take shape. It's

coming together piece by piece.

Brent Pinkston is confident years of research will

pay off as the Creeks unveil a new gaming hall, a

hall 10 times larger than the original one a few

feet away.

"This floor will have 2,500 games," said Pinkston

who is the Chief Operating Officer for PCI Gaming

based in Atmore, Alabama.

In the center of the hall there will be a big bar

anchored by a 16,000 gallon fish tank. Restaurants

will be located off to the side.

"This is the largest project we've done since

Atmore," said Pinkston.

Outside 800 construction workers busy themselves

with scooping up the old parking lot and building

the 21 floor hotel.

The casino opens December 17. The hotel opens

a month later. The hotel by the way isn't far enough

along to peek inside due to safety reasons.

The casino expansion is a $246 million deal. There is

little doubt its presence will be felt.

"Anytime you open a facility of this magnitude you

help the local economy," said Pinkston.

To what extent is still unclear.

Meantime, the parking deck to the left of the hotel

continues to be widened to accommodate future


The casino takes a giant step forward next week on Wednesday, October 2 when it holds a jobs fair at the Wetumpka Civic Center. The jobs fair will begin at noon and will last until 9pm.

Pinkston says they plan to offer jobs on the spot. The average pay will be around $11 an hour.

"We need people in the food and beverage department to security," said Pinkston.

There are 500 jobs up for grabs, along with the largest expansion by any business in Wetumpka's history.

Copyright 2013 WSFA 12 News.  All rights reserved.

        Transportation Alternative Program funding approved for WetumpkaSubmitted by John ShryockWednesday, September 25th, 2013, 6:43pm

MONTGOMERY – The Alabama Department of Transportation has approved $377,200 in funding for the Commercial Business District Revitalization Area Pedestrian Connector in Wetumpka, as part of the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).    

Authorized by the Federal Highway Administration’s Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), TAP provides funding for projects defined astransportation alternatives, including on- and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure projects for improving non-driver access to public transportation and enhanced mobility, community improvement activities, and environmental mitigation.

TAP replaces the funding from pre-MAP-21 programs including Transportation Enhancement Activities, Recreational Trails Program and Safe Routes to School Program.

ALDOT’s mission is to provide a safe, efficient, environmentally sound transportation network across Alabama. For additional information, visit www.dot.state.al.us

 Governor Bentley in Elmore today for economic recovery tour

Submitted by WSFA 12 News StaffTuesday, September 10th, 2013, 9:38am          Topics:                        News 
MGN Online: Photo Credit: Bentley CampaignMGN Online: Photo Credit: Bentley Campaign        

WETUMPKA, Ala. (AP) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley continues his "Road to Economic Recovery Tour" with a series of stops in Elmore County.

The governor's tour of Elmore County will begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday when he participates in a round table discussion at the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce at 101 East Bridge St.

Bentley will visit the Central Alabama Electric Cooperative in Titus at 10:15 a.m. and tour Southeastern Business Printers in Wetumpka at 11:30 a.m.

The governor's visit to Elmore County will wind up at noon with a lunch stop at the Must Stop Cafe in Wetumpka.

The purpose of the Road to Economic Recovery Tour is for the governor to visit local communities and discuss state efforts to attract more jobs.

Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.



MAX CREDIT UNION Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Location in Wetumpka

Submitted by JoBeth Davis, Community Web ProducerThursday, August 8th, 2013, 3:42pm          Topics:                        Business, News 
MAX Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Location in WetumpkaRepresentatives from MAX Credit Union, the City of Wetumpka, Elmore County and the Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce help MAX President & CEO Greg McClellan break ground on a new MAX branch on Captain Crommelin Road in Wetumpka.        

(Montgomery, Ala) – MAX, a full-service financial institution headquartered in Montgomery, Ala., celebrated the groundbreaking for its new branch location in Wetumpka today.

The new branch will be located at 94 Captain Crommelin Road and offer lobby and drive-thru service.  The new branch will replace the existing location at 4352 US Highway 231.

The state-of-the art branch will feature the latest in modern design and technology.  A concierge will greet customers as soon as they arrive and individual kiosks, staffed with professional and friendly MAX associates, will offer customers one-on-one personalized attention and service.

Enhancing the customer experience will be the MAX Perks refreshment center, offering free coffee and bottled water, and the MAX Business Center where clients can have a quiet area to organize paperwork, send a fax or make copies of documents.

The financial center is scheduled to open for business in Spring 2014.

Information Source: MAX

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For Immediate Release

Contact Jessica Liston  205.989.4944


D!scover ITT to offer free training to Disabled Veterans    


Space available training opportunites will help Veterans gain employment


BIRMINGHAM — January 13, 2013 — Discover Information Technology and Training recently announced that they will begin offering free training to disabled veterans beginning February 1, 2013.  “We are very proud to be in a position to offer our disabled veterans these training opportunities on a space available basis.” Said Ron Whitney, President of D!scover Information Technology and Training.  “As a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer, I know the difficulties our disabled folks face when they embark on a civilian career, and the challenges their repective disablilites present.  We offer a full range of techinical, design, development and application training at our Riverchase Training Facility.  When we have an empty seat, I can see no better use of that opportunity than for one of our disabled vets to come train with us.”  Added Whitney.

IT Techs in Demand

Entry level IT technicians can earn up to $37,000.00 a year to start.  “We have several local IT placement agencies in the Birmingham market who have indicated they will help these veterans find meaningful employment.”  Stated Mr. Whitney.  “If we can help a few vets get started on a new career, then we feel other companies will jump in and make similar offers”

More Information

For information on courses offered and available dates please visitwww.discoveritt.com, or call 205-989-4944.


Founded in 2011, Discover Information Technology and Training is a privately held, veteran owned Limited Liabilty Company.



For more information, press only:

Jessica Liston, 205-989-4944), (jliston@discoveritt.com)


For more information on D!scover ITT:


SMITHSONIAN EXHIBITMuseum on Main Street heading to AlabamaAlabama Humanities FoundationNewsMuseum on Main Street heading to AlabamaPosted on June 26, 2013 · Posted in News Red Bay, Ashland, Andalusia, Fairhope, Northport and Wetumpka. No, they aren’t stops along the old Silver Comet’s train route, but they are destination points for an historic traveling exhibit from Washington, D.C.

All six Alabama towns and cities have been chosen for The Way We Worked exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution in 2013-14 as part of the Museum on Main Street project.

Beginning Sept. 14, 2013, and running through July 6, 2014, The Way We Worked will be featured for more than a month at each stop, giving thousands of residents and students in those small or rural cities an opportunity they may not have had otherwise.

Through a partnership between Alabama Humanities Foundation and the Smithsonian begun in 1997, Museum on Main Street is able to offer small communities with average populations of 8,000 a quality education experience with community programs and activities in conjunction with the exhibit.

Dr. John F. Kvach, an assistant professor of history at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, will spend much of the next year visiting those towns as a key figure in the program.

The exhibit will focus on how Alabamians worked over time and place and highlight the work experiences of Americans as part of the nation’s story. Kvach will supplement the traveling exhibit with teacher workshops and public lectures as well as an oral history project that will record the voices of state residents.

The oral history project will train public school teachers and high school students to conduct interviews with local residents. Kvach hopes that the oral history component of the exhibit and the exhibit itself will allow students to engage their community’s history and encourage the public to help preserve Alabama’s historical legacy.

Plans in each of the towns and cities are already under way, officially kicked off in February with an orientation and overview conference at AHF. There, host site participants were able to hear about how the program works and what is expected of each site. They also heard a first-person account from Katy Norton, president of the Arab Chamber of Commerce, who was project director for Museum on Main Street’s 2011-12 tour.

And in return, they shared what this national exhibition means to their community back home.

Councilwoman Becky Boddie of Ashland, who along with husband Jerry, are spearheading plans in Clay County, said it was important to “acknowledge and celebrate our past while forming a bridge to the future. This project allows us to do just that.”

“Just the word, ‘Smithsonian,’ was enough to make me say, ‘We need to do this project,’ ” said Barbara Tyler, grants coordinator for Andalusia. “For a small town, rural area to have the opportunity to host museum quality information, exhibits and activities is priceless.”

Stephen Sickler of the Friends of Northport couldn’t agree more. “Many residents will never be exposed to cultural experiences such as the Smithsonian … Educational opportunities abound as a direct result of this program, which will inevitably trickle down throughout our entire community.”

In Red Bay, it is much the same story with Rosalyn Labrinke as she talks about the impact on her community. She sees it as an opportunity for the city to rediscover its “strength and spirit.”

As a selected site in a competitive process, she is grateful for Red Bay’s role. “We so appreciate the consideration as we are honored to have the Smithsonian coming to our ‘main street.’ We look forward with great anticipation to The Way We Worked and this unique mission to engage, educate and inspire.”

The Way We Worked Exhibition Tour Dates:

Red Bay        Friday, September 14 – Saturday, October 25

Ashland        Saturday, November 2 – Saturday, December 25

Andalusia        Thursday, January 2 – Sunday, February 9

Fairhope        Saturday, February 15 – Sunday, March 30

Northport        Saturday, April 5 – Saturday, May 17

Wetumpka        Friday, May 23 – Sunday, July 6

 For more information on where the tour is headed next; contact the Museum on Main Street's website athttp://www.museumonmainstreet.org/visit/twwwItinerary.html

Article By Tom Bryant




Local Walking Tours to start in April

Submitted by JoBeth Davis, Community Web ProducerWednesday, March 27th, 2013, 2:38pm      
Local Walking Tours to start in April       

Some 22 towns across Alabama will be on display during Saturday mornings in April as part of the Alabama Tourism Department's April Walking Tours.
A variety of community leaders will lead the free tours through the historic districts or courthouse square areas of their hometowns.  The hour-long tours will start at 10 a.m. on April 6, 13, 20, and 27.
Towns and starting places for the April Walking Tours are: Athens, Athens Visitor Center; Atmore, Heritage Park; Birmingham, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute; Butler, Jackson’s On The Square; Courtland, Town Square; Cullman, Cullman County Museum; Decatur, Old State Bank; Eufaula, various locations; Fairhope, Fairhope Welcome Center; Florence, various locations.
Huntsville, Constitution Village (April 6 & 13 only); Madison, Madison Roundhouse (April 20 & 27 only); Mobile, Downtown Mobile Alliance; Monroeville, Chamber of Commerce; Montevallo, Chamber of Commerce; Montgomery; Montgomery Area Visitor Center; Phenix City; Amphitheater; Prattville, Autauga County Heritage Center; Sheffield, Sheffield Municipal Building; Sylacauga, B.B. Comer Memorial Library; Tuscumbia, ColdWater Bookstore; Wetumpka, Elmore County Museum.
The tours are being coordinated by Brian Jones with the Alabama Tourism Department.  “Alabama is the only state in the nation to hold statewide, simultaneous walking tours.  These walking tours are a great way to get out and enjoy the spring weather and find out about the history of our state.  We have done more than 1,700 walking tours since the beginning of the program ten years ago and they keep increasing in popularity every year,” Jones said.
More information about the April Walking Tours is available on the Alabama Tourism Department website atwww.alabama.travel.

Information Source: Alabama Travel

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Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Wetumpka Craterfest Event

Submitted by JoBeth Davis, Community Web ProducerThursday, January 24th, 2013, 6:09pm        
Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Wetumpka Craterfest Event       

Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce announces its plans for a large scale music festival, Wetumpka Craterfest to be held on Saturday April 20th, 2013. This event will replace the former Riverfest with a stronger focus on attracting tourism to the area while maintaining the community aspect with a children’s area and offering the event at no cost with the help of sponsorships from community businesses.

Country music recording artist, Keith Anderson who is best known for his Billboard chart topping hit song, “Picking Wildflowers” will be the headline act, sponsored by Creek Casino of Wetumpka. Announcements regarding support acts, sponsorship and vender applications will be available in the coming weeks.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to brand Wetumpka’s rare treasure and story of the impact crater, that only we can tell here in the Eastern United States by changing the name to Wetumpka Craterfest” says Vanessa Lynch, Executive Director of the WACC. Future plans will involve more lectures, a possible science fair and related activities that educate and bring attention to the Wetumpka Impact Crater.

“We were thrilled to have the blessing and support from the Crater Commission and are looking forward to another great event in Wetumpka to bring the community together for fun and entertainment, while drawing attention to Wetumpka from outside the area” says Lynch.

More details and announcements will be posted soon on the chamber’s website atwww.wetumpkachamber.org.

Information Source: Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce

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Police, Fire, and Medical need your help to quickly and efficiently locate your home when you need them the most. To accomplish this task, we ask every citizen of Elmore County to address your homes and mailboxes in 3inch relective signs and letters. The E9-1-1 office has signs available for purchase. Call today at 334-567-0911 or stop by the E9-1-1 office located inside the Elmore County Judicial Complex, 8935 US Hwy 231, Room 188.


$15.00  per sign - a small price for huge returns.

Save your life or that of a loved one.  Address your home and mailbox.

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Chamber & Casino Expansion WSFA & Vanessa Lynch, Executive Director Interview:



 Wetumpka looks to revitalize downtown

Submitted by WSFA 12 News StaffTuesday, May 28th, 2013, 5:48pm         Downtown WetumpkaDowntown Wetumpka        

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA)- Prattville's done it and Montgomery is doing it! Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis says it's his city's turn.

Wetumpka took another major step last week to begin revitalizing its downtown. The plan is to begin with Court Street, which is directly in front of the old courthouse.

Currently, Court Street looks outdated. An artist's sketch has it looking better with improved landscaping, better lighting and even a more pedestrian friendly atmosphere.

Shelley Brown is relatively new to downtown. She opened her studio photography and tanning business a few months ago.

"If they help make it pretty and drive more people down here, I'm all for it," Brown said.

Still undecided is whether to keep vehicle traffic going or close it off entirely and make it only for pedestrians.

"I don't think that part is a good idea because then no one would drive by and see us," Brown explained of the idea.

To help city leaders make those kind of decisions, Wetumpka hired another firm out of Nashville, Tennessee, just last week. Mayor Willis says the design is still in the planning stages.

Willis couldn't say for now how much this will cost Wetumpka taxpayers because most of the money is coming from the federal government.

"We've saved up to $1.3 million dollars in MPO money and believe we'll get another $450,000 in grants and perhaps another $50,000, so we'll be sitting on around $2 million for this project," Willis explained.

Meantime, the mayor is beginning to see signs of private owners taking an interest. For example, one man is looking at restoring Wetumpka's first hotel to its former glory, and the Chamber is considering tearing down one of its buildings to create 'green' space.

Keep in mind revitalizing downtown Wetumpka has been talked about for more than 10 years and nothing ever became of it.

Mayor Willis admitted there are a lot of people who have doubts whether the city will go forward with its renovation plans. This time he says it's for real.

"We're further along than we've ever been," Willis stated.

In fact, Willis says if all goes well over the next few months he predicts construction will begin on Court Street by next spring.

Shelley Brown just hopes in the end it's picture-perfect for her business.

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First signs appear of Creek Casino expansion Submitted by WSFA 12 News Staff Tuesday, August 7th, 2012, 3:27pm
Signs that construction is about to begin in Wetumpka

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA)- The first construction office is on the property where a new hotel is slated to be built for the Creek Casino in Wetumpka.

Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce officials say they're getting "significant" calls from potential businesses such as eateries and retail shops interested in moving into the area.

Casino officials have not yet started hiring anyone, but they say their in the process of preparing job fairs to fill positions once they are available.

The announcement to expand the operation at Creek Casino was made by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians back in July. The expansion, estimated to cost $246 million, will include a large hotel, parking deck, and other facilities that promise nearly 600 jobs.

Construction is expected to be complete by the start of 2014.

WSFA 12 News reporter Bryan Henry is following this story and will have details on WSFA 12 News First at 4:00, and WSFA 12 News at 5:00 and 6:00.

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Wind Creek Wetumpka to be fully operational by New Year's 2014

Wind Creek Wetumpka Wind Creek Wetumpka

Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 11:30 am | Updated: 6:10 pm, Wed Jul 11, 2012.

Wind Creek Wetumpka to be fully operational by New Year's 2014 

Peggy Blackburn - Managing Editor thewetumpkaherald.com

Poarch Creek Indians announced Wednesday the 20-story Wind Creek Wetumpka Hotel scheduled to open fully by New Year's 2014. It will have 285 rooms. Part of the hotel/casino will be open by Oct. 2013. It is a $246 million project.

The hotel/casino will have up to 2,500 gaming machines.

The present casino in Wetumpka has 400 full-time employees. By the time the hotel/casino is fully operational, it will have 1,000 full-time employees.

Included in the hotel/casino will be a grille and a fine dining restaurant.

All suites at the hotel will also face the nearby Coosa River.

The current parking deck on site right now accommodates 500 cars. The deck will expand to 2,500 by the time the expansion is complete.

As of Wednesday, when ground was broken, 1,200 construction workers will be on the site until the expansion is completed.




Interior Dept. smiles on Alabama Scenic River Trail

Interior Dept. smiles on Alabama Scenic River Trail

Griffin Pritchard

Interior Dept. smiles on Alabama Scenic River Trail

Kayakers test the waters at Moccasin Gap during the 27th Whitewater Festival. The U.S. Department of the Interior recognized the Alabama Scenic River Trail, along with trails in Georgia and Missouri, for it’s effort to promote tourism and conservation.

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012 12:00 am

Interior Dept. smiles on Alabama Scenic River Trail Griffin Pritchard Sports Editorthewetumpkaherald.com                                 |

The Alabama Scenic River Trail got a publicity boost earlier in the week when Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar recognized it, and two other trails, as a positive way to promote conservation and tourism.

“Restoring our nation’s rivers and expanding outdoor recreational activities on them is one of the major goals of President Obama’s America Great Outdoors Initiative,” said Salazar said in a press release statement.

The U.S. Department of the interior recognized the Alabama Scenic River Trail, the Okefenokee Wilderness Canoe Trail and the Mississippi River Water Trail.

“This is a great news for the state of Alabama and for cities along the trail like Wetumpka,” said Edith Parten, spokesperson for the Alabama Tourism Department. “By bringing attention to the trail, more and more visitors will be interested in coming here and kayak a portion of it, canoeing a portion of it or going down the whole thing.”

Locally, there typically is a non-stop stream of paddlers using Wetumpka as a stopping-point as they trek down the 631-mile trail.

“This is the brainchild of Fred Couch and Jim Felder,” said Parten. “We knew they had put together quite a gem and it was up to us to promote it. This makes that job a little easier.”

The Alabama Scenic River Trail begins at the point where the Coosa River enters Alabama just northeast of Cedar Bluff at Weiss Lake, and continues down to its confluence with the Tallapoosa River near Wetumpka.

From this conjunction, the trail follows the Alabama River to its junction with the Tom Bigbee/Warrior River System just north of Mobile.

It then proceeds through the Mobile River and the Tensaw/Mobile Delta, along the Tensaw River and it’s tributaries to Mobile Bay.

“This is positive news and brings attention to all the little communities along the trail that normally don’t get put in the spotlight,” said Parten. “More people will be attracted to the trail and hopefully stop and explore some of the towns along the way.”

According to the release, the National Park Service will work with the state and local partners to provide resources and technical expertise to promote the development and recognition of the trail.

“Through a network of National Water Trails, we are not only connecting people to the outdoors and supporting conservation efforts for our scenic rivers, but also supporting tourism and the recreation economy in nearby communities,” wrote Salazar.

The Okefenokee Wilderness Canoe Trail spans 120 miles located in Georgia near the towns of Folkston, Waycross and Fargo and is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Mississippi River Water Trail spans 121 miles begins in Saverton (MO) and ends at the St. Louis Riverfront and is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.




Business Expo comes back ‘in a big way’

Taking a taste

David Goodwin

Taking a taste

Business owner Jim Berdeaux gives Cathy Saylor and her daughter Kate a taste test of his locally prepared barbecue sauces.

Posted: Monday, May 14, 2012 4:00 am

Business Expo comes back ‘in a big way’ David Goodwin - Political Editor thewetumpkaherald.com

This year’s Business Expo sponsored by the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce was so big, organizers are already thinking expansion for next year.

With more than 50 local businesses on hand to share their stories with Wetumpka residents and visitors, Chamber Executive Director Vanessa Lynch said next year’s expo might have to expand into the parking lot of the Wetumpka Civic Center, because the exhibition hall was packed.

“This has been a great success and we’re getting really good feedback from all the businesses,” Lynch said, as she took a brief break from announcing the winners of drawings by the various vendors.

Tina Hines, manager at The Money Store, said it was “the best I’ve seen.”

Cathy Saylor, who just stopped in when she noticed the crowd on her way home from work, said she enjoyed seeing the many businesses involved.

“There are ones I know here and ones that are different that I’d never seen,” she said. “I’m glad we came in to check it out.”

Lynch said the response was so strong that the chamber had to close registration two and a half weeks ago.

After the event was cancelled last year, Lynch said, “we were just trying to bring it back in a big way.”

She said she was impressed by the quality and professionalism of the businesses that exhibited.

“We’re excited about raising the bar for local businesses and giving them even more exposure,” Lynch said.

Brooke Poague was on hand representing the law firm Bailey and Poague LLC. She said she was impressed by the turnout and, especially, the quality of the businesses’ displays.

“It looks nice and everything is presented so well,” she said.



Candidates address Wetumpka voters in forum

Submitted by WSFA 12 News StaffThursday, August 2nd, 2012, 11:34pm          Topics:                        News 

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA)- With just fewer than four weeks until municipal elections in our area, the candidates are pulling out all the stops.  In Wetumpka, voters got the chance to hear directly from the candidates for mayor and city council at a forum Thursday night.

 It touched on key issues facing Wetumpka, including the casino expansion.

"We want to take advantage of that and we want to make sure that we open doors to where we benefit from what they're doing out here," said Mayor Jerry Willis, who is seeking another term.

"In a collaborative effort, between them and the city, we can be poised as they grow and the city of Wetumpka grows, we can ensure the very best for our city," said City Councilman Ken Hammock, who is challenging Willis.

Voters we spoke with appreciated the chance to get up close and personal with the candidates and hear from them all in one place, as they make their decisions before the election.

"I gotta go home and think about it," said Cheryl Tucker, who attended the forum.  "And just say who I think is going to be the better candidate to better help Wetumpka."

"I really didn't hear any bad answers," said Marilee Tankersley.  "I thought all of them have very good answers.  Several of them honed in on issues I was very interested in."

The candidates also discussed revitalization, improving life for youth, and bringing more jobs to the city.

The forum was sponsored by the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce.  Election Day is August 28th.

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More than 100 Alabama Restaurants Sign Up For Statewide “Restaurant Week”

Submitted by JoBeth Davis, Community Web ProducerFriday, June 29th, 2012, 9:41am           Topics:                     More than 100 Alabama Restaurants Sign Up For Statewide “Restaurant Week”        

Montgomery, Ala. — An initial 132 Alabama Restaurants have signed up for participation in the Alabama Tourism Department’s inaugural statewide “Restaurant Week” scheduled for August 17-26. The deadline to register and post online menus on the website, www.AlabamaRestaurantWeek.com, is July 17.

A few of the restaurants already signed up include Lulu’s at Homeport Marina, Cobalt’s and Cosmos in Gulf Shores; Commerce Kitchen, Grille 29, Clementine’s and Ruth Chris in Huntsville; Roux’s, Michaels Table, and Central in Montgomery; Jesse’s in Magnolia Springs, the Rattlesnake Saloon in Tuscumbia; True Midtown Kitchen and The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Mobile; The Overall Company in Auburn/Opelika; and  Dreamland BBQ & Bob Baumhowers in multiple locations across Alabama.

Lulu’s, the Overall Company, Ruth Chris, Clementine’s and Michaels Table all have menus posted on the restaurant week website and provide examples of menus that restaurants should have posted by the July 17 deadline.

“We will be hosting Alabama Restaurant Week for the next three years,” said Lee Sentell, tourism director. “We are thrilled to have more than 100 restaurants signed up so far during our inaugural year and we want to make sure all restaurants in Alabama know about this opportunity. We are getting the word out and coordinating a big push to get restaurants to sign up.”

Sign up is quick and easy. Once on the website, a restaurant enters basic information about their establishment and what meals they want to offer at set prices of $10, $20 and $30 for dinner and $5, $10 and $15 for lunch. In all cases, the price is per person and excludes tax, tip and drink.

A restaurant may participate in all three preset prices for both lunch or dinner, or just one or any combination. They do not have to participate in both lunch and dinner.

“Alabama Restaurant Week” will highlight locally owned and operated restaurants and is part of the overall Alabama Tourism Department’s Year of Alabama Food campaign.

Birmingham-area restaurants are participating in their third year of “Restaurant Week” and are working with local coordinator James Little. The Alabama Tourism Department scheduled the statewide “Restaurant Week” to coincide with Birmingham’s.

Partners with the Alabama Tourism Department in Alabama Restaurant Week include participating restaurants, local and regional Alabama tourism destination organizations, Convention and Visitor Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, Birmingham Restaurant Week and the Alabama Restaurant Association.

Information Source: Alabama Tourism Department

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Buying Home Grown Food

Wind Creek Hospitality announced an initiative to use locally grown and produced food at Wind Creek Properties as well as supporting food pantries and food banks in the region. The Southern Table initiative will support EAT South, which has a downtown Montgomery farm.

Wind Creek Hospitality has bought nearly 250,000 pounds of local chicken in the last six months; nearly 50,000 pounds of catfish; and 15,000-plus pounds of locally made sausage.

There is also a 24 foot long food truck, which has been named "Good To Go" and is capable of producing hundreds of meals at a time.


Chamber Bucks

What they are:
Chamber Bucks are a valid bank check that spends just like cash and can be used at any Wetumpka Area Chamber member business. The program is designed to promote community members to "Shop Locally First."


Why Chamber Bucks?
Chamber Bucks make great gifts! Consumers can purchase Bucks for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, gifts for moms, dads, grads, college students, and for holiday gift-giving. The Bucks can be used to purchase merchandise, products, and services at nearly 250 businesses.


How Does the Program Work?
Chamber Bucks are like super gift certificates that are purchased at the Chamber office and spent at a Chamber Member business. After receiving a Chamber Buck check for payment of products or services, the Chamber Member processes it for deposit as they would any other check.

These are certificates that can be used the same as cash. They can only be purchased through the Chamber and redeemed at participating Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce businesses. They can only be used for goods and services. The certificates are good for 6 months from date of purchase. If you have any additional questions, please contact the chamber office at (334) 567-4811.

We are in the process of creating a brochure and a listing of Chamber member businesses that will accept chamber bucks!



March is Red Cross Month- Learn How to Prepare Your Business in the Case of an Emergency

by James Rivera, SBA Official

  • Created: March 12, 2014, 1:36 pm
  • Updated: March 12, 2014, 1:40 pm

Following a tradition begun by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943, President Barack Obama has proclaimed Marchas American Red Cross Month.

Since July 2011, the U.S. Small Business Administration has supported a partnership with the American Red Cross, participating in events to promote the importance of disaster preparedness for individuals and businesses.  Getting the word out about the Red Cross Ready Rating program has been a focus of the American Red Cross/SBA relationship.

Ready Rating is a free, self-paced, web-based membership program that helps a business measure its ability to deal with emergencies.  All you have to do is answer the questions, based on what you know about your company and its operations, and Ready Rating gives customized feedback on how to start or improve your business continuity planning.

A recent report by the Small Business Majority and the American Sustainable Business Council estimates the average cost of downtime from small businesses affected by an extreme weather event is $3,000 per day.  Since small businesses don’t have the resources of large corporations, it’s a good idea to build a resilient organization by creating a solid disaster preparedness plan.  And Ready Rating is a great, easy-to-use emergency planning tool.

At the Ready Rating site (www.readyrating.org), you can:

  • Complete an assessment to measure the overall preparedness level of your business
  • Create a custom-made emergency plan for your organization
  • Access tools to help you complete a hazard vulnerable assessment
  • Get tips on implementing your emergency response plan
  • Download the Free First-Aid app

Red Cross Month is a good time to take a step to protect your employees, customers and your community by joining Ready Rating, becoming an organization that’s prepared to save both lives and livelihoods.

In the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters, the SBA provides recovery assistance in the form of low-interest, direct loans to businesses of all sizes, homeowners, renters, and private non-profit organizations.  Visit the website for more information about SBA’s disaster loan program.


For Immediate Release

Media inquiries contact: Lydia Rollins

843.853.2070 x191


Meteor Town Hit by New Local Book

Authors erect literary temple to Alabama’s “Little Corner of Greece”


Celebrating a city once paired with Chicago as one of the “two most promising cities of the West”, a new local book entitledWetumpka conveys as much town pride as that of any metropolis. The book is the newest release in Arcadia Publishing’s iconicImages of America history book series.


Authors Joe Allen Turner and Jan Wood beam with pride at this paperback monument to their town. “I really want people to realize the importance of preserving every piece of history possible.,” Jan Wood said.


Back when dinosaurs roamed Alabama, a meteor created a horseshoe of hills, and Wetumpka has been lucky ever since. Worshiped as Alabama’s “Little Corner of Greece,” Wetumpka offers tales of the Creek Indians, destructive floods, French forts, and a replica of the Greek Temple of Hera, all chronicled in more than 200 captivating vintage images.


Highlights of Wetumpka include:

  • An entire chapter devoted to Wetumpka’s vibrant commercial history
  • Illustrations of Wetumpka’s prehistoric history, courtesy of the Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission
  • A photograph of the assumed only swayback bridge in Alabama
  • A history of Julia Tutwiler Prison, the only maximum security women’s prison in Alabama and the nation’s first with an all-female staff
  • Photographs of still-standing and still-occupied historic homes, one of which was featured on the HGTV show If Walls could Talk
  • Images of painter and Wetumpka native John Kelly Fitzpatrick


Available at area bookstores, independent retailers, and online retailers, or through Arcadia Publishing at (888)-313-2665 oronline.


Arcadia Publishing is the leading publisher of local and regional history in the United States.  Our mission is to make history accessible and meaningful through the publication of books on the heritage of America’s people and places.  Discover more than 8,500 small towns and downtowns athttp://www.arcadiapublishing.com.




by Jan Wood and Joe Allen Turner

Images of AmericaSeries

Price: $21.99

128 pages/ softcover

Available: January 13, 2014


Author inquires contact:

Lydia Rollins

843.853.2070 x191


Meet Jan Wood and Joe Allen Turner

Authors of Wetumpka

Jan Wood, a native of south Mississippi, has lived here since 1968.  Jan’s interest in the history of Wetumpka and the surrounding area began with extensive genealogical research on family members.  She was educated at Millsaps College in Mississippi, and her advanced degree was received from Southern Methodist University, Perkins School of Theology.


Her working career began with ten years in various leadership roles in Community Action and Head Start.  It concluded with nineteen years as Executive Director of the local chamber.  During those years, she gave extensive service to many volunteer organizations.  Prior to retirement, she served as Chairman of the Board of Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama.


She has served her church as teacher, pianist and board chairman since 1969.  She and her husband have two adult children and two grandchildren.

Joe Allen Turner has made his home in Wetumpka with relatives around the county.  He received his education in the schools of Wetumpka and the University of Alabama.  Joe Allen worked for Civil Service for 32 years at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL before his retirement in 1985.


A charter member of Elmore County Historical Society, he has served since 1971.  Currently he is the curator and archivist for the Elmore County Historical Society and Museum.


He has been a member of several local and state historical organizations and has traveled extensively, observing the work of other historical societies and organizations.  His most intimate knowledge about Wetumpka comes from having been a lifelong resident of the city and being related to so many of its citizens.


What lasting impact do you hope your book will leave?


I personally want book purchasers to be curious enough to learn more detail about our history and these images; and excited about the people who are pictured in the images.  I wish them to be inspired by the history of Wetumpka and the courage of the people who struggled and grew and made Wetumpka the impressive (small) city that it is.  It has maintained the integrity of a small town close knit community, while continuing to grow in population almost in spite of itself.  I really want people to realize the importance of preserving every piece of history possible.  I trust that we have done our part in this preservation effort.







Visit the KFMG Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery located at The City Administration Building, 408 South Main Street, Wetumpka, AL. Open Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. The KFMG is dedicated to promoting local and regional visual arts. The Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery is a project of the City of Wetumpka in conjunction with a group of local volunteers. We are a non-profit organization in the process of applying for 501 (c) 3 status. Admission is free; however, donations are appreciated.Through our programs and exhibitions, our goal is to make art more accessible to the public at large and to engage, inspire and educate both the public and local artists. For more information, visit www.KFMG-Online.org or call Hope Brannon at (334) 300-3779 or Mark Harris at (334) 262-8061.



Wind Creek Wetumpka Casino & Hotel

330 Wind Creek Blvd.

Wetumpka, AL 36092



Opening in March 2014, Wetumpka will be the home of a brand new hotel,  Wind Creek Casino & Hotel featuring 283 luxurious rooms, 5 amazing restaurants and a pool where you can lounge the day away. Also on display will be a 16,000 gallon shark tank designed by the crew from the Animal Planet show, "Tank".




Wind Creek Wetumpka casino to open in December; hotel to open in early 2014 Oct. 29, 2013 2:06 PM   |  Wind Creek nears completion   Wind Creek nears completion: Property manager Cody Williamson leads a tour through Wind Creek Wetumpka on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. The Casino portion is on track to open in Dec. 17. (Montgomery Advertiser, Amanda Sowards)
     Written byMatt Okarmus
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    Work continues on Wind Creek Wetumpka on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. The Casino portion is on track to open in Dec. 17. (Montgomery Advertiser, Amanda Sowards) Work continues on Wind Creek Wetumpka on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. The Casino portion is on track to open in Dec. 17. (Montgomery Advertiser, Amanda Sowards)  /  Amanda Sowards/Advertiser Facts and figures

    •  At maximum, there have been 810 workers involved with construction with 1.4 million man-hours logged. •  There will be 283 rooms in the hotel. An average price for a standard room is estimated to be $99 to $129. Penthouses and suites also are available. •  The 2,520 machines on the casino floor is an increase from the 1,182 currently at Creek Casino Wetumpka. •  The parking garage will increase from 500 to 2,500 spaces.

    WETUMPKA — The casino floor of Wind Creek Wetumpka soon will be filled with flashing lights, celebration bells and lots of people as casino officials prepare for an upcoming opening.

    Wind Creek Wetumpka, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians’ hotel and casino, officially is scheduled to open its casino floor Dec. 17, replacing the current Creek Casino Wetumpka at the same location. A new 20-story hotel  is set to open in January or February.

    “We think it’s been a long time coming,” said General Manager Cody Williamson. “We are very excited to have a great place to play and stay.”

    Williamson gave a tour of the property Thursday as workers made preparations for the operation of electronic bingo machines. Williamson said the casino has 2,520 machines on the 85,000-square-foot gaming floor, five restaurants and a state-of-the-art, 16,000-gallon shark tank. The casino floor will feature only gaming machines, Williamson added.

    The overall cost for the project is about $250 million, Williamson said Thursday, with the casino portion estimated to cost $150 million to $200 million.

    Along the tour, Williamson pointed out special features of the casino, such as an air system designed to help clear away cigarette smoke and electronic connections that will help employees adjust settings such as temperature, music or television entertainment from mobile devices.

    “We think it will make the guest experience better in real time,” Williamson said, adding the new technology will decrease the time it takes to address a guest’s concern.

    Williamson also pointed out a dining space that overlooks the Coosa River, a guest area with a fireplace that sits near an outdoor pool, and a “fast food to go” option for quick meals.

    Since starting construction in August 2012, casino officials have reached out to the local community and recently held a job fair at the Wetumpka Civic Center. Williamson said the job fair resulted in 580 job offers. Currently, about 100 to 150 positions are available, and officials expect to have about 1,000 employees at the casino’s opening, including the current workforce.

    “The main thing with 1,000 employees is those people will infuse a lot of money into the local economy,” Williamson said. He added that Wind Creek Wetumpka officials hope to attract guests from  Atlanta, Birmingham and Huntsville with the expanded hotel and casino.

    After the opening of the new gaming facility, the current Creek Casino Wetumpka will be closed. The front portion will be turned into a convenience store and the back portion will become a special events center.






    Wetumpka is embarking on a master revitalization plan that will involve community input and architectural planning by a firm that worked with Montgomery's riverfront development, says Barry Mask, executive director of Elmore County Economic Development Authority.


    The ECEDA is project manager, and the final plan is expected to be ready for public review in March or April 2012.

    Wetumpka is also moving ahead on a science-based interpretative center that would attract visitors from throughout the region. Wetumpka has the only authenticated impact crater in the eastern U.S., and just one of 200 worldwide.


    The center would be part of the state's "trail" of science and space related attractions. The Elmore County Economic Development Authority, Wetumpka city officials and Auburn University school of architecture have been working on the development.


    In September 2011, the Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission was awarded a $20,000 grant to help study the potential economic impact of the center. Funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission, the University of Alabama's Center for Economic Development will conduct the study.


    The grant also includes developing a website, and local agencies are matching the grant finds.



    Lynch Steps in as Chamber Director

    News Article Posted: Tuesday, January 3, 2012 9:30 am  The Wetumpka Herald updated: 9:52 am, Tue Jan 3, 2012.


    Vanessa Lynch is eager to start her first day at work on Tuesday.  She also knows she faces a challenge and welcomes it with open arms. Lynch will begin her first day as the new executive director of the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce. The challenge is stepping into a position which was held by Jan Wood for nearly 20 years.

    “I’m not intimidated of that fact, but I also recognize and want to honor the fact that Jan put so much of her life into the chamber,” Lynch said.


    Lynch, 36, is a 1997 graduate of Lee University. After graduation she spent three years working in the public relations and marketing section for an outdoor recreation company that was later purchased by Patagonia – an outdoor clothing, apparel and gear company.


    She later moved to Nashville and spent a decade as a song writer while also developing a well-followed blog.

    While as a song writer she sat around coffee houses and fast food restaurants writing songs with fellow writers, including Jason Aldean, Lynch remained an outdoors enthusiast.


    “She comes to us with a great knowlege in the tourism industry, and her experience in the music industry will help jump start the downtown revitalization,” said Dennis Fain, chamber president. “She is very entergetic and a creative person, and I’m excited to have her come on board.”


    Lynch is an avid runner and kyacker, and recently competed in the Attack on Swayback.

    “I think Wetumpka could easily capitalize on Swayback and the Coosa River,” she said. “The Coosa River is a gold mine.  ... I could see Wetumpka being one of the top places to live in the Southeast for recreation lovers.”

    But at the top of her list, Lynch said the first few weeks on the job will be spent observing and listening.


    “I want everyone to know that I will have an open-door policy and look forward to listening to every chamber and non-chamber member’s needs,” she said.